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Math League is going global!

Each Summer, Math League sponsors an International Tournament for students in grade 4 through 9. This past summer, 250 students from China, South Korea, Canada, and the United States joined together for 18 days of math lectures and math contest rounds. Below is a list of the educators from China who helped prepare the contest questions:

Mr. Tao Xiaoyong
Mr. Zhu Huawei
Mr. Shan Zun
Mr. Xiong Bin
Mr. Hu Datong
Mr. Chen Ping
Mr. Zhang Yupeng
Ms. Lan Qing
Mr. Li Chengyuan
Mr. Gong Dingwei
Mr. Chen Kai
Mr. Shen Jingran
Mr. Wang Xueqi
Mr. Zhang Xin
Mr. Yuan Gefen
Mr. Zhao Xiaofeng 
Mr. Cheng Junfeng
Mr. Guo Xin
Mr. Ban Chang
Mr. Cui Weiwen
Mr. Yan Jing
Ms. Liu Ruoyi
Mr. Li Luou
Mr. Qiao Yu