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2016 International Math League Summer Tournament

Math League International Summer Tournament

Math League held its 2016 Math League International Summer Tournament from July 18th through August 4th. During those three weeks, students engaged in mathematics competitions, listened to lectures from mathematicians from renowned universities, and visited Princeton University, Independence Hall, and Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. Nearly 200 students from China, Canada, and the United States participated in our summer program. The China contingent was led by Dr. Rui Hu who organized preliminary contests in China before selecting the highest scorers and inviting them to attend this program. Our summer program was divided into three sessions: The first session was for Chinese students who had completed 3rd, 4th or 5th grade in 2016. Our second session was for North American and Chinese students who had completed 6th, 7th, 8th, or 9th grade in 2016, and the final session was for the Chinese students who attended our second session.

Here is the award ceremony!

Below is a complete list of the speakers who addressed our students this summer:

Our program has grown from a small group of 36 students in 2012 to our large group of 190 students this summer. We expect to expand our program in 2017, inviting North American students to both our first session and our final session. We also expect to invite students from South Korea to attend. A full listing of award winners for 2016 from our second session may be found at

We have already begun the process of enrolling students in our preliminary contests for the 2016-17 academic year. In North America, students may participate in our annual contests for grades 4 through 12 at their local schools. High scoring students on our annual contests in North America will be invited to our Sixth Annual International Summer Tournament. For information about our preliminary contests in China, please visit

This page holds all the links to the 5th annual contest and its information, so continue reading to get the details on the event!

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